The stalwart trollkin of the United Kriels fight alongside their savage cousins, the full-blood trolls, to protect their lands and people from the many enemies that surround them. Harness the unbridled fury of the Trollbloods to defend kith and kriel with this fully loaded battlegroup box.

This box contains everything one player needs to charge into battle.

Battlegroup Box Contents

  • 4 Highly Detailed, Single-colored Plastic Miniatures with Stat Cards
  • Basic Training Tutorial Guide
  • Battle Map & Obstacle Card
  • Introductory Guide
  • HORDES: Primal Rules Digest
  • 18” Ruler
  • 4 Six-sided Dice
  • 10 Fury & 3 Spell Tokens

The trollbloods represent a loose alliance of scattered and disparate trollkin tribes, called kriels, who carved out homes from wild lands the human nations deemed of little interest. The recent wars of mankind have encroached on even these remote havens, eroding the ancestral homes of this hardy race. In addition, trollkin are beset on all sides by the scheming druids of the Circle Orboros, the cruel skorne from across the eastern desert, and the recent rise of terrible draconic monsters.

The trollbloods have answered the call of great war leaders and shamans to emerge an increasingly united fighting force. The stalwart trollkin have been joined by cunning pygmy trolls and have enlisted the mighty full-blood trolls, ravenous dire trolls, and legendary mountain kings in an alliance of common blood that combines modern military armament with the unparalleled strength of primal beasts.

Every challenge strengthens the resolve and warrior spirit in the blood and bones of these brave peoples. They refuse to break under pressure and fight tooth-and-nail for a better life. Fortified by their natural regenerative powers, their prayers to the mother-goddess Dhunia, and the elemental magic of their sorcerers, trollkin warriors stand their ground against impossible odds for kith and kriel.

RAGNOR SKYSPLITTER, THE RUNEMASTER - Ragnor Skysplitter has long secluded himself amid the peaks and valleys of the Wyrmwall Mountains, surrounding himself by the stillness of towering geological wonders to commune with earth and stone. In combat, Ragnor’s calm and measured demeanor often gives way to fierce determination, particularly when sacred sites or lands long held by the kriels are threatened with destruction. Wide sweeps of his massive rune-covered hammer unleash tremors of explosive force on contact with foes, harnessing the power of the earth itself to hurl their broken bodies to the ground.

TROLL AXER - Massive axe in hand, the troll axer is a monster of corded muscle capable of cleaving through a wall of men in a single blow. These full-blood trolls are renowned for their incredible resiliency, as their regenerative qualities allow them to shrug off wounds that would kill lesser beings. Trollkin leaders use axers extensively to bolster battle lines; indeed, the presence of just a few axers can make all the difference to a trollkin army.

TROLL IMPALER - Pitching enormous spears with bone-crushing force, impalers are the living ballistae of the trolls. Each carries a quiver of massive wood-and-iron projectiles bearing only the most basic resemblance to the puny twigs smaller races call spears. These savage implements obliterate men and knock even the greatest beasts off their feet.

TROLL BOUNCER - Strapped with thick, heavy armor in addition to holding a stout shield, each bouncer whirls a deadly spiked ball on a chain whose keening whistle heralds bone-shattering brutality. Loyal to those they consider kin, bouncers eagerly charge into harm’s way heedless of their own survival, often shouldering allies aside to take the hit themselves. Because of this unusual protective nature, trollkin kriels single out bouncers to guard chieftains, shamans, and other important elders.

Beyond the Battlegroup Box