From the distant east come the skorne, a race of merciless warriors who use the power of pain and death to enslave or destroy all who dare stand against them. Harness the rage of exotic beasts and the powers of torment to bend all to your will with this fully loaded battlegroup box.

This box contains everything one player needs to charge into battle.

Battlegroup Box Contents

  • 4 Highly Detailed, Single-colored Plastic Miniatures with Stat Cards
  • Basic Training Tutorial Guide
  • Battle Map & Obstacle Card
  • Introductory Guide
  • HORDES: Primal Rules Digest
  • 18” Ruler
  • 4 Six-sided Dice
  • 10 Fury & 3 Spell Tokens

The expanse dominated by the Skorne Empire is larger than most of the nations of the Iron Kingdoms combined, and their military has an ancient heritage of discipline and might. This great eastern power has trekked across the Bloodstone Desert to conquer the prosperous lands of western Immoren and subjugate her people.

Skorne live in a rigid caste system of warriors, workers, and slaves. In their eyes, all non-skorne are potential slaves. The Venator, Praetorian, and Cataphract warrior castes are supported in battle by exotic beasts that have been extensively trained by skorne paingivers. From the hulking titans and rhinodons to the cunning cyclopes and temperamental basilisks, skorne armies are bolstered by brutal living weaponry that complements their forged arms and armor.

The skorne have arcane powers born not from western wizardry but from the dark art of mortitheurgy. The priest-like extollers call upon the power of skorne ancestors to fortify troops or to animate the merciless statues that march alongside soldiers to battle. Mortitheurges among the skorne warlocks can annihilate their enemies or allow their soldiers to keep fighting past their normal physical limits, keeping death itself at bay until the battle is won.

BEAST MASTER XEKAAR - Though Beast Master Xekaar is now chief among skorne beast handlers, he had to reach that position by rising above his own defeat. During a clash with trollkin in the desert, an explosion sent him crashing in a heap of broken bones and charred flesh, left for dead. Enduring through sheer will, he drew strength from his pain and eventually restored himself, though the pain never leaves him. He is the embodiment of the skorne principle that suffering is a crucible for strength. Joined in agony, Xekaar and his beasts have earned a reputation for ruthless brutality and limitless endurance in the face of even the most grievous wounds.

TITAN GLADIATOR - Favored warbeasts of the skorne, the versatile titans can be conditioned and equipped for a variety of battlefield roles. The titan gladiator is armed with massive spiked war gauntlets and uses its weapons and its armored body to pulverize enemy troops and warbeasts.

CYCLOPS RAIDER - The cyclops raider is a terrifying sight—an eight-foot-tall brute capable of unleashing torrents of razor-sharp steel. The few who survive the excruciating hail of the raider’s heavy reiver are dispatched by crushing blows of its spiked gauntlets. The raider’s proficiency at arms is greatly enhanced by its natural prescient abilities. It can train its weapon on even the best-hidden enemies and annihilate them in a burst of fire before they have time to react.

CYCLOPS SAVAGE - Enslaved by the skorne as implements of war, cyclops savages are prized for their viciousness and battle prowess. They come from a brutish, carnivorous species that live to hunt and kill and possess uncanny skill in combat due to their innate ability to see into the future. Their complex and sensitive single eye demonstrates unusual perceptiveness, allowing them to see exactly how to penetrate a foe’s defenses.

Beyond the Battlegroup Box