Protectorate of Menoth

Filled with the divine power of their god, the forces of the Protectorate of Menoth march forth in the name of the Creator of Man to lay waste to their enemies with fire and faith. Take command of the zealous holy warriors of the Protectorate of Menoth with this fully loaded battlegroup box!

This box contains everything one player needs to charge into battle.

Battlegroup Box Contents

  • 4 Highly Detailed, Single-colored Plastic Miniatures with Stat Cards
  • Basic Training Tutorial Guide
  • Battle Map & Obstacle Card
  • Introductory Guide
  • WARMACHINE: Prime Rules Digest
  • 18” Ruler
  • 4 Six-sided Dice
  • 10 Focus & 3 Spell Tokens

The Protectorate of Menoth is a nation forged in turmoil and utterly dedicated to the will of an ancient and unforgiving god: Menoth, the Creator of Man. Led by the ruthless priest caste of the scrutators, the Sul-Menites of the Protectorate have initiated a great crusade for the singular purpose of spreading the Creator’s dominion across the face of Caen.

Although the faith of the Sul-Menites is ancient, their nation is of more recent origins, having arisen from the Cygnaran Civil War that was sparked to bring Cygnar back to proper worship of the Creator. Following their defeat, the Menites bided their time in the harsh lands east of Caspia; there they built an army in secret, preparing for the day when they could defy those who sought to control them and seize hold of their own destiny.

Now the Protectorate stands as a formidable power, armed with both righteous weapons of war and the resolve of faith. They have amassed a fervent host ready to march forth to enlighten the vast heathen countries for Menoth’s greater glory. Their armies sweep across Immoren as a holy tide, darkening the skies with the soot and smoke from the holy flames of their crusade.

MALEKUS, THE BURNING TRUTH - Determined to bring Menoth’s glory to the world, Malekus, the Burning Truth carries with him the righteous fire of the Creator. Malekus’ youth as an orphan was harsh, giving him insight into the perfidy of the world, and this inspired his conversion to the Sul-Menite faith. Malekus is ever willing to intercede on behalf of those willing to return to Menoth’s embrace, but he offers only scouring flames for those who persist in blind heresy.

CASTIGATOR - Based on the same design as the Reckoner, the Castigator brings Menoth’s Fury to its enemies with its flaming fists and the ability to ignite the surrounding air with flesh-cremating heat.

REPENTER - The Repenter brings the scourging flames of purity upon any who would deny the name of Menoth. The warjack’s superheated heartfire ignites a stream of fuel that it sprays in an unforgiving arc upon the heretical enemies of the Protectorate. Those who somehow survive the cleansing fire are smashed beneath its war flail.

REVENGER - The primary function of the Revenger is to channel a warcaster’s divine power, which protects the faithful and consumes heretics in the cleansing fires of Menoth’s wrath. These warjacks are critical to the Lawgiver’s crusades, and their armament is designed to keep the Revenger in the fight long after other warjacks would fall. The sturdy repulsor shield is inlaid with powerful runes that rebuke enemies and hurl them away from the Revenger, where they can be cut down with the warjack’s heavy polearm.

Beyond the Battlegroup Box