Meet Your New Friends

WARMACHINE and HORDES are defined by a pantheon of mighty heroes, villains, and their armies of dauntless soldiers and unstoppable machines and beasts, all at the ready to answer your call. Choose your faction and charge into combat with a new generation of battlefield commanders ready to write their names in the pages of history.

Meet Your New Friends

But no matter what side you’re on, the spoils of war are best savored among friends. Become part of our worldwide community of hundreds of thousands of tabletop gamers and hobbyists who share your passion for strategy, creativity, competition, and camaraderie.


Go head-to-head with just your commander and a pair of warjacks or warbeasts, or fight a quick skirmish with a lean, mean assault team. Add towering engines of war and earth-shaking monstrosities for a full-scale battle, or throw everything you’ve got on the table for an all-out siege against your opponent. You can play with three miniatures, thirty, or three hundred. And you can do it anywhere you like.

Battle at your friend’s house or on your kitchen table. Join in our many Organized Play events at your local game store and learn the art of war in our Journeyman League, or immerse yourself in the ongoing saga of the Iron Kingdoms in our Narrative Leagues throughout the year. Want true glory? Earn it in a local Steamroller Tournament or in our Iron Gauntlet World Championship series held at conventions all over the world.

And when you’re ready for the ultimate tabletop gaming and hobby experience, join the staff of Privateer Press and a thousand of your closest friends at Lock & Load GameFest, held every summer just outside of Seattle, Washington.


Privateer Press offers a wide variety of competitive and casual events at stores and conventions, each supported with great rewards and swag. Whether you love playing for the fun of it or you’re a hard-core competitor, there’s something for everyone, and you’ll never have to look far to find a game.